Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) Program

In addition to providing a low cost spay or neuter option for companion cats and dogs, the Pet Friends clinic provides a low cost solution to spay or neuter feral cats.

A feral cat is a domestic cat which has been born in the wild and has had little or no contact with humans and thus, is not socialized. It is distinguished from a stray cat, which has been kept as a pet that was lost or abandoned.

Numerous feral cat colonies exist in San Benito County. It can start from an abandoned cat that has a litter outside of a home. The kittens that manage to survive grow and can procreate and multiply at an alarming rate. Thus begins a feral cat colony. Without intervention these colonies can grow out of control.

Pet Friends recognizes this problem and has established a Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) program to curb this issue. This program is designed to assist TNR volunteers by providing traps and low cost TNR spay & neuter services.

A TNR volunteer agrees to:

  • Obtain permission to trap on the property where they intend to trap.
  • Specify location of feral colony they intend to set out traps.
  • Set out traps just prior to the Pet Friends Spay & Neuter clinic day of operation.
  • Contact Pet Friends of the intent to trap and bring in ferals no less than 2 days prior to the open clinic day
  • Pick up and return feral to the feral colony following the surgical procedure

Note: At this time Pet Friends is not accepting new TNR volunteer applications. Please contact us at 831-634-1191 or email us @ if you need help with trapping ferals cats and you will be connected with one of our approved TNR volunteers.




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