Adoption Spotlight



now Gypsi in her forever home!


Back in June (2015) of this year, my husband and I adopted a black and white dog that you had named “Dottie”. We just wanted to give you an update on her (we named her Gypsi) and tell you how much we LOVE HER! While she has been quite a handful for a while, she is much calmer now and totally gets that this is her forever home. I believe she would put herself between us and a bear if it were necessary and is the most loving, sweetest, and (wants to be) good dog on the planet! We had a tough time crate training, but now when she wants to settle down, she prefers a crate to anything else. She goes “camping” with us in the motorhome, runs twice daily, loves to play tug, and of course is learning basic commands. We also have another smaller dog she is quite friendly with through baby gates (they sniff and wag at each other) and I keep them as close as possible. They are not quite ready to be barrier free, we do, however, let them in the yard occasionally when they seem to be able to handle it with lots of praise and supervision. I am also swapping their blankets at bed time so they can sniff each other in a non-threatening way. I am just so happy to have her in my (our) life and wanted you to know not to give up the awesome work you do and to thank you for saving her for us!

-Gayla and Javier




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